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Why Choose The Daily LINQ

The Daily LINQ is different than most other social media programs in that it encourages you to network and share other people’s content, as well as your own content.

Users of The Daily LINQ find that it makes their daily lives easier by allowing them to quickly connect with people on social media, share and re-share important, relevant, and entertaining information, all while keeping things family friendly and enjoyable.

As a web based program, The Daily LINQ was extensively tested by over 36 people during a 90 day trial period, and it provides a good user experience while performing quickly and efficiently.

As a User you may use it to automate your tweets and retweets for entertainment, informational, and novelty purposes. Misuse of any kind will not be tolerated, and as per the Terms of Use Agreement, it will be grounds for terminating a User account.

The Daily LINQ is compatible with these desktop browsers

Though you can use any current web browser to login, for the best User experience, please use one of the following browsers, when using The Daily LINQ:

  • Google Chrome (PC/Mac)
  • Mozilla Firefox (PC/Mac)

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